Aleathea Dijon aka The Energy Dealer is an Author, Speaker, Certified Transformational Life Coach, and owner of Better Life Realty. She began her real fight for life after being diagnosed with Lupus, a life-threatening autoimmune disease, becoming a single mom, and asking herself, "Now what?" 

Through clinical trials, chemotherapy, and other various treatments, she needed a way out, a way to cope.  She turned to her passion and love for writing.  She now had a story to write.  Aleathea Dijon decided to take this life-threatening contract and find a "Lupehole" to get out of such an ordeal.  She began sharing different ways out of the most difficult situations to daily life's obstacles. 


Aleathea Dijon had a natural talent to show a person their true goals, potential and how to accomplish them despite any odds. Through her own life's experiences, divorce, living with a chronic illness, and even her educational background, she knew it was time to help others, not only cope, but to heal themselves, their homes and their finances.


Accomplishing this through workbooks, workshops, webinars, group and one-on-one coaching. Aleathea Dijon allows her empathetic spirit and passion, see to it that women can discover their own Lupehole and fly throughout life, making a "Better Life."

Once you're a butterfly, you cannot get back into the cocoon.