Create a Happy List

Updated: Oct 7

We'll we make lists for everything else, is your Happy on your to-do list?

I think one of the greatest things in life is that, no matter who you are, what your background is, we all are trying to be happy. We are constantly trying to find that next feeling of the "happy hormone," dopamine. Those feelings of well-being.

In every first session, I ask my clients, "Do you have a 'Happy List'? If not, your homework is to create one.

When we experience something pleasurable we say that we are happy. Happiness is the byproduct of joy. So how can you discover this on a daily basis, even when things are not so happy?

Question Answered

Yes, you know I'm going to give you homework. Break out your favorite journaling notebook and pen, give yourself sometime to ponder, even get a little lost in your thoughts. Write your list of happy. What makes you happy? What gives you that feeling of things are right and everything is okay. For example, it doesn't matter, BIG, or small, I love lighting a candle in my house, smelling the sweet aroma, giving my space a whole new vibe, and I'm happy. OR when I smash a goal I've been working on.

The point is this, if you have this list, you can always mental come back to it, you have the power to shift your sadness, anger or even disgust by checking your HAPPY LIST. Remember though, when you are feeling NOT so happy, feel that emotion in its entirety too.

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